Marc Jacobs Bang Named Best Packaging of the Year at Annual FiFi Awards

June 6, 2011

 The Fragrance Foundation’s 39th Annual FiFi Awards crowned Marc Jacobs Bang Best Packaging of the Year. 

Marc Jacobs is part of Coty Prestige band portfolio.  Along with Best packaging of the Year, Coty Inc. along landed two additional awards.  With a product line that includes Calvin Klein, Jennifer Lopez, Kenneth Cole, Vera Wang, etc…it’s not surprising that taking top honors in packaging was in its future.

With distribution to prestige and ultra-prestige stores, it’s no doubt that cost is not an issue when this package was created.  Removing the restriction of a budget, packing in this industry usually can be a little more creative as we see with the Bang design. 

This is a great package and I can see why it was picked as an award winner.  Here’s a great tip, if you want to see great packaging (albeit usually over the top) go to any ultra-prestige store. 

Congratulations to Coty Inc. and Marc Jacobs on their haul at the Awards.

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